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2009 Extravaganza


Did anyone have fun in the 70's???

Join us for the
9th annual ALL 70's themed Scrapbook Extravaganza.

November 13-14, 2009
White County Fair Grounds

 ($150.00 after September 30, 2009)

8 Classes,


32 hours of scrapbooking with your very best friends.

You spoke we listened, ALL classes will be layouts no projects

we have added 6 additional hours worth of cropping time.

Friday --     9 am - Midnight

Saturday -- 7am - 1am

We are packing up the store and bringing it with us. We have purchased a
lot of new product and our store is overflowing. We will have pj's and
T-Shirts for sale. All apparel will be revealed at the show. So, be
sure to bring your badge to shop in the store that you will receive at
registration. All your purchases will be under an account linked to the
bar code on your badge. You will be able to pay for all your purchases
at the same time when you check out. You must check out by Saturday
You will be given a get "out of the building pass" to leave once you
have paid for all your purchases.

Please note, there is only one entrance and exit to the main building. Please do not enter or exit any other doors.

Smokers will have a designated area. Please ask.

What to Wear.... 

comfortably. Some will be dressed in 70's attire, some in pj's, some in
street clothes. It's your party so dress comfortable.

70's contest will be judged on Saturday evening.  We will have all
ladies participating in the contest join us on stage immediately
following the last class of the day on Saturday.

Door Prizes...

We understand that some of
you cannot stay until midnight and we also realize that a lot of you
want to just crop Saturday night and not be interrupted all night with
door prizes. So with this being said, we have decided to hand out door
prizes all day Saturday during the classes. 
The very last door prize of the day will be given out immediately following the last class of the day.  

We do make mistakes.... If we find something was left out or
incorrect in this newsletter we will send out another one it will say
Revised Newsletter if changes have been made.   Please make sure that
you let your friends know about the newsletter if they do not have

We look forward to seeing you!!!!!

The Registration Process will begin on Friday, at 9 a.m.  You will be able to choose your seat and begin your day at 9 a.m.

At registration you will receive your
ticket, your conference badge and holder.  You must have your badge to
enter the building at ALL times.

You may leave your items at your
chosen seats during the entire event.  Please do not save seats or
rearrange tables.  On Saturday, all instructors will come to you.  How
awesome is that!

For those of you who are new to our event you do not have a set time
to register. Registration is all day Friday starting at 9:00 a.m. and
Saturday morning starting at 7:00 a.m.  
T-Shirts and Goody Bags will be handed out on Saturday during the Extravaganza

Below is a list of items that you
will need to turn in at registration.  For those of you who are new to
our event you do not have a set time to register.  T-Shirts and Goody
Bags will be handed out on Saturday during the Extravaganza. 






Our Super Movers are ready to go...

Friday only...Your scrappin'
materials can be dropped off at the loading dock. There will be signage
to follow. The Super Movers will not be in the parking lot, but rather
at the loading dock.   Your items will be unloaded, tagged and held for

After parking, you will go through
the regular registration process. Our Super Movers are only here to
help you move in once you are in the building you will be directed to
the registration booth.  After registering and finding your seat, you
are welcome to walk over to the Super Mover's Station and ask for your
items to be retrieved for you.

The Super Movers are working for gratuities.

We will have three categories in this area.
1. Vacation Page
2. Fall or Halloween
3. Christmas

*All submissions MUST have the following information on the back or IT WILL NOT be considered.
1. Your Name
2. Phone Number
3. Which Category You Are Entering

Ladies please make sure your name is on the back and please make sure you pick up your layouts after the contest. 

All layouts will be set up on tables for your viewing. 

*You are responsible for collecting your submissions on Saturday evening.  Please make sure that you pick these up.


Bring a photo 8x10 or larger in a sheet protector or zip lock bag of your best photo with your name and address on the back. We will have one winner.

*No submissions will be accepted without your name and address.

*Obviously, this cannot be a professional photo.

*You are responsible for collecting your submissions on Saturday evening. 

we're "Croppin' in the 70's," so let's break into those storage trunks
and bring out those 70's clothes. The Best dressed cropper will receive
the prize.

We ask that you wear your costume on Saturday morning.  We will announce the winner shortly after lunch.

Americans we are aware of how the economy has affected our lifestyles. 
For some of us we can only begin to imagine what it must be like for
families that have lost their jobs and/or homes.  We have a tendency to
take for granted the simple things in life such as having food on our
tables.  This year we have decided to have a food drive in addition to
our Bailey Faith Christmas Give Back.

How many of you are guilty of
purchasing something every time you go to the store  only to realize
that when you get home you already had a cabinet full of that item.  I
am so guilty of purchasing Cream of Chicken Soup.  Just the other day
my husband so kindly rearranged my cabinets and discovered I had 14
cans of Cream of Chicken Soup.   What in the world am I going to do
with 14 cans of soup after all I can't cook!

I am asking you to please open your
cabinets and if you have more than one of something throw it in a bag
and bring it with you to the Extravaganza.  I am asking all of my
employees bring at least one can good with them on Friday to start this
drive off.  Just think if we all bring one can good we will have 450
cans of food. 

Ladies you are Awesome!


only thing better than a whole day of scrapbooking is a whole day of
scrapbooking with chocolate! Bring your snacks and turn them in at
registration. We will fill several boxes with everyone's goodies and
then bring them out Saturday afternoon - just when you need that
chocolate rush to finish out those last few classes.

All snacks must be individually wrapped.

For example:

Peanut Butter Crackers, cookies, Candy, Cheese Nips.

Absolutely no dips or sauces.  Drinks can be purchased from the concession stand.

those of you who are new to our event. A year ago February we lost our
first granddaughter to Group B Strep.  In her memory we decided to
change our toy drive to the Bailey Faith Christmas For Kids Give Back!

Every year for November we always ask for toys for Christmas for
kids. If you are able to participate we would appreciate any thing that
you can afford. Last year due to your generous donations, we gave toys
to 60 families.


Our Christmas list this year is:

Dolls, Pretend Baby Bottles, Dora, Hannah Montana, My Little Pony

Trucks. Cars. Hot Wheels, Basketballs, Transformers, Playdough, Trains, and Spongebob.

Books, Coloring Books, Crayons and Blocks


Infant Children:

Diapers, Wipes


Paper Trimmer, Hole Punch, Scissors, Circle Punch, Paper Piercer
Ink (brown & black)
Adhesive, Glue Dots,  pop dots, single side tape (regular scotch tape-archival quality)

optional items (optional but the project does use them)


This picture maker accepts all your digital camera cards and cd's.  So
if you need to make prints or have a photo you want enlarged (up to
5x7, no larger), you will have the convenience for this right at the

have had several customers calling us regarding lunch on Saturday
because we only give you one hour for lunch we have decided to have a
meal catered on Saturday for lunch. 

The cost will be $9. 

Your choice of meals will be:

Loaded Chicken Breast with Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, 2 Cookies and Tea.

Barbeque Plate Lunch with Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, 2 Cookies and Tea.

If you would like to be guaranteed a
plate lunch please go to our website and register by clicking on the
Special Amentities Icon.  You will also be able to prepay for lunch at
the registration table until 3 p.m. on Friday.  There will be a
separate line for all prepaid lunches. 

Ladies we are doing our best to make this a relaxed and fun weekend for you.

Concession stand will be open during the following times:

Friday Noon - ?
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - ?
Saturday lunch special will be served from 11:30-1:00

Concession Stand

Bottled Drinks                
    Pepsi Products
Canned Drinks                    
    Coke Products    
Bottled Water

    Lays Plain
Candy Bars

Hot Dog            

Plate Lunch #1 for Saturday        
BBQ Pork Sandwich
Cole Slaw
Baked Beans
2 Cookies
Sweet Tea

Plate Lunch # 2 for Saturday        
Loaded Chicken Breast
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
2 Cookies
Sweet Tea

You may pre-register for a guaranteed hot plate lunch by clicking on the link below...

Pre-Register for Meals


Doors Open

9:00 a.m.

No early admission!!! 

Noon - Design Team Classes begin

(These classes are optional purchases.)

12:00 - 1:30

Class #8 - Christmas Surprise Box, Instructor - Brittney - Section 2

12:00 - 2:15

Class #3 - Christmas Canvas, Instructor - Lisa Hodge - Section 1

1:15 - 2:15

Class #5 - Our Home - Instructor - Tisha Marzewski - Section 2

Class #7 - Hanging Art - Instructor - Becca Hafner - Section 3

2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Class #6 - Holiday Mini Books - Instructor - Tisha Marzewski - Section 2

Class #9 - Oh Boy 8x8 Album - Instructor - Vickie Greer - Section 3

2:30 - 4:00

Class #1 -Holtz and Grungeboard - Instructor - Lisa Hodge - Section 1

3:00 - 4:00

Class #12 - U R My Favorite Layout  - Instructor - Nikki Sivils - Section 2

3:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Class #11 - Christmas Ornaments - Instructor - Tammie Howell - Section 2

Class #10 - Fabulous Girl 8x8 Album - Instructor - Vickie Greer - Section 3

4:15 - 6:00

Class #2 - Tattered Angels "Friends" - Instructor - Lisa Hodge - Section 1

6:15 - 7:15 p.m.

Class #4 - Home Decor Clock - Instructor - Lisa Hodge - Section 1

12 Midnight - Fair Ground Doors close


7 a.m. - Doors open

8 a.m. - Classes begin (promptly)

Noon - Lunch

1 p.m. - Classes Resume

6 p.m. - Classes End

7 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.

Extended Crop

1:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sunday

$10 fee to stay and crop past 1:00 a.m.

Register for Extended Crop

you have a friend who is unable to attend, you may pick up her goody
bag, t-shirt and kits. You MUST bring her ticket and name badge to each
class in order to receive her kits. The kits will only be given out at
the beginning of each class and there will be no backtracking. No
exceptions will be made in this area.

Electricity is Free..........

Please bring a surge protector or an extension cord.
If you forget you can rent one for the weekend for $10.

Please see Andrew or a member of our staff to help you get set up.

In order to provide you a pleasant experience at the Extravaganza we have listed you a few items that are no-no's.

1.  Please do not block the drop off access longer than to just
unload your items.  You cannot leave unattended cars parked here. 
Either leave one of your party members with your stuff  or have our
Super Movers unload your items. Please remember these guys are working
on gratuities.

2. Don't move tables around.    We have found that the way we have them setup works for everyone.

3.  No reserved seating.  If papers are laying on the tables saying
"Reserved For"....they will be removed.. however, if members of your
party arrive early they can save you a seat.


The Design Team has done a tremendous job designing their projects for
the extra classes offered on Friday.  We have sold out for several of
the classes.  We will have all the classes that are not full available
to view at registration.  You will be able to sign up at this time. 
You will be asked to pay before the class starts. Once you have signed
up for the class it becomes yours. Please do not sign up for a class
unless you intend on taking it.

You may go online to view and register for all at www.scrapus.com

Class One      3 spots available
Class Two      2 spots available
Class Three   Sold Out
Class Four     2 spots available
Class Five      1 spot available
Class Six       3 spots available     
Class Seven  Sold Out
Class Eight    1 spots available
Class Nine     3 spots available
Class Ten       Sold Out
Class Eleven  2 spots available
Class Twelve  6 spots available

All the information needed including a link to MapQuest is on the www.scrapus.com website. 
The address to the Fair Grounds is:
802 Davis Drive
Searcy, Arkansas 72143

Please drive to the second Fair Ground Entrance on the right.  There will be signs to direct you where to park.

Parking is FREE.....

have had numerous requests for a place to crop following the
Extravaganza.  We have extended the crop time from 1:00 a.m. until
Sunday at 2:00 p.m. 
The cost for this will be $10. 
This is
an optional fee however, any one that remains in the building after
1:00 a.m. will be charged the $10 extended crop fee.  I have set up a
registration form online at www.scrapus.com.  For easy access click on
the link below.